Assign input channel to track

Greetings! Frist, I did search, but did not find an answer to this particular question.

I am using n-Track studio 8 with a Behringer USB 4-channel Uphorea UMC404HD. I am having trouble assigning channels on the USB device to individual tracks. It only wants to let me assign L or R not channels 1 -4.

I am trying to “arm” the first track and only see L-R inputs from the 404HD. I should see channels 1-4.

Works fine in Garageband, but I’d rather not use Garageband if I have n-Track!

Can someone please help?


No help here but I got it solved. Called Sweetwater support as that is where I bought the Behringer UMC404HD.

They were excellent. Helped me find the correct drivers. Behringer site isn’t the most well laid out and I had downloaded the wrong stuff.

Then they helped with the actual UMC404HD set up in nTrack. turns out I had to use Asio drivers. Same as I used years ago. Who knew!

Highly recommend Sweetwater for product support.