At last: Song page online

5 years of n-track songs

Hello everyone,

It’s been some time, some of the older forum members might still remember me. I’ve at last managed to post most of my n-track songs (more still coming) to my new project page:

Everything there (except the last two old songs, “Hear Da News” and “Cyberlin”) was recorded with n-Track 2.2 and 3.3. Please let me know what you think, especially about my brand new track “Should I Leave?”.

Happy n-tracking,

Hi Alessio:
Your page loads very fast on my dial-up and modem. A lot of the pages I visit seem to be disigned for viewing with by a connection faster than a phone wire. I haven’t listened to your material… That would take some time for me to be able to do that… But, however, your page works very well…


Thanks Bill… actually sometimes the server is really slow. Especially in the mornings (Finnish time). I guess they do maintenance work when there’s only few people online.

Hi Alessio,

A couple of years ago we listened to each other’s tunes (my group is called ‘Graffiti Soul’ - I can’t wait to listen to your tunes!)



Your voice sounds amazing! Great use of vocal effects - I am jealous. I’ve only listened to ‘Don’t you ever’ and ‘Should I leave’ and I had to stop to reply - excellent! I remember listening to ‘Don’t you ever’ years ago - Love the ambiant feel, great song writing - can’t wait to hear the rest -keep it up bud! :)

Dan Lachance

Hey Dan, great to see you’re still around! I’d wondered where you are - at some point your website and email stopped working. And I’m jealous about your music which I think is better than mine. :)

Thanks for praising my voice, actually I think it’s nothing special… it just does the job I guess. “Should I Leave?” shows some pretty bad moments (pitch etc.). I think I’ll have to redo the vocals on that song.

Do you have any link to Graffiti Soul? I’d love giving it a listen!


Thanks for the comments - ‘Should I Leave’ sounds like something Dire Straits would write - catchy!

I’ve got 2 new songs at

I still haven’t listened to all your tracks - keep in touch!