At least I got this much working..


Well if you’ve read my other post you know I’ve been having problems with my computer and recording lag/timing/slew problems.
I now find that with the maestro 1 sound card at 48khz sampling rate I can record just fine with many tracks. Problem is that my computer is only 300mhz (75mhz fsb) 56mb ram so when recording in stereo I can only get about 50 seconds before the right channel starts getting a little off and has this crackling sound in it. If I just record in mono I’m fine. Regardless of all this I still don’t want to be forced to use 48khz because the wav files are freaken huge and my computer is old and I really only need 32 or 44.1 quality.
If I use any other sampling rate (besides 48) the timing gets all messed up for overdubbing on ANY sound card I seem to put in this computer regardless of software, os, etc… For some weird reason this motherboard only likes sound cards when they use 48khz or 24khz, 12khz. Notice the multiples, why is this?
Every sound card is doing this to me, it’s got to be the motherboard but I can’t for the life of me figure out why.
I would just like to use 44.1 but if I do then the timing gets all messed up and has huge leg time issues, using any sound card, and even any software besides ntrack.
I’ve tried Windows 95 and 98 (and SE), various cpu’s. It must be the motherboard, could this be? Is this even a possibility? Because if not then why on earth am I having this problem with only this computer? My old 133mhz system worked just fine with no leg and I could use any sound card I wanted but it was just to old to handle what I need, what I should be able to get out of my newer 300mhz pc now.
Maybe it’s a cheap system timer? Cheap numeric processor? ANY ideas?

The motherboard is a TX Pro II (m571 v7.0). Has SIS chipset for video and other stuff.
Everything on it works great, everything is fine, except for the one purpose I need to use this beast for.
If any of you can help me out with tips,ideas,blah,blah, I would be SO greatful!!!
I know I should just get a new computer, but I don’t have the money right now and this computer “should” be good enough :(

So I take it no one has any clues/ideas? I was thinking, if the timing for the soundcard is built into the soundcard then I shouldn’t have this problem, but I still do. I don’t understand what could be messing up the timing of the soundcard, hmmm… Other motherboards aren’t giving me this problem, but the only fast computer I have is this one. I’m just pissed that I may end up reverting to my old 133MHz system with 24mb ram just so I can overdub correctly since my better 300MHz motherboard is buggy for audio for some odd reason! :(

Mu guess is the soundcard is doing sample rate conversion on the fly like some soundblasters do. The fact that 48k works and nothing else does is the reason. I don’t know that it does that but the symptom points to it.

I had a Maestro II a long time ago, but I couldn’t get it working on Win2k (no drivers) so I replaced it with an SB Live. The SB Live definitely has the 48k conversion issue that will cause sync problem when recording at rates other than 48k. The MB also sound like an old ASUS board I had (1997?). It developed a problem where PCI cards were not working like they should - magically one of them would be uninstalled. I finally got to the point it would work with one PCI card period and no more so I replaced it.

I don’t have any good suggestions to get your current hardware working. My suggestion is to consider upgrading.

It is a PC Chips motherboard. The first computer I built was with that motherboard. Even though it says it is a 300 Mhz, it will test out to be around 270 Mhz.

You said “56mb ram”, did you mean to write 256? You need a minimum of 256 or so to get started.

56 megs sounds about right to me. That would be the ram available if there are 64 megs in the machine and it has onboard video using 8 megs, and that would be a typical amount for the age.


Regardless of all this I still don’t want to be forced to use 48khz because the wav files are freaken huge and my computer is old and I really only need 32 or 44.1 quality.

48kHz files should only be about 10% bigger than 44kHz files - do the math(s).

If I use any other sampling rate (besides 48) the timing gets all messed up for overdubbing on ANY sound card I seem to put in this computer regardless of software, os, etc…

What other soundcards have you tried? Most of the Creative, Soundblaster type cards run at 48kHz internally, and running them at 48kHz is the only way to get them to play nice unless you are very lucky as most of us who have used them will testify.


I got to thinking and came up with the conclusion that all the sound cards I’ve tried except the maestro are all ISA type cards. Maybe this mobo just doesn’t like ISA soundcards? The maestro does work well at 48khz and is a PCI card. 44khz works okay but overdubbing gets the timing wrong for playback which I expect because, well, it’s the maestro 1 :P. It gets worst with lower sampling rates and the maestro 1 really only sounds good at 48khz or else it’s all compressed and crummy sounding even with the bitrate conversion setting under multimedia properties cranked all the way up for windows.
So, I now know I should get a PCI soundcard that is of newbie acceptable quality that is cheap priced. I’d like one that can cover a wide range of sampling rates (11025 to 48000). It also helped setting the PCI slot under my BIOS to a high priority setting.
It sucks that the only PCI soundcard I own is the maestro 1, it gets away with mono 48khz tracks with no problems, but as soon as I try stereo it gets clicks in the right channel after about 40 seconds of recording even with a single track. If only it was a 44khz based card I would get away with stereo tracks. Checking the box on playback in mono under prefs does help, but not by much, but good tip.
It would help if I knew which I should upgrade first, the soundcard or the mobo? I can’t do both right now. Heck, I’d be lucky to upgrade just one or the other at this point with no money to spend right now.

BTW: I’ve tried 6 ISA soundcards (sb16 and vibra16,aztech,soundport,soundpro,ess) and they all have the problems I’ve described, only the 1 PCI card I tried works somewhat on this machine.
Thanks for your help.

I just took some snapshots of my bedroom studio, will post them in that one pic thread soon for all of you to laugh at :)

I had a PC chips mobo once, and it was a Via/SiS chipset.

If your mobo is also a Via chipset, then that may be your problem.

Audio mistiming is a well known issue with older Via mobo’s. (The problem was something like the Via chipset takes shortcuts to improve speed, but the last thing you want for audio is “shortcuts”. You want consistency. Anyway, something like that. :D).

There’s work arounds, including an improved 4-in-1 driver, but none of them every worked for me.

The only thing that did work for me, was to change my mobo.

First off get some more RAM. You could probably get a 128 MB stick of PC100 RAM on Ebay for $10 U.S. Get 2 of them.

If you walked around the block where you live, you could probably find a neighbor with a 64MB stick laying around from an update. Offer him 2 bucks and he’ll give it to you free.

Also on Ebay you could pick up a Creative Labs SBLive for another $10-Model numbers like CT4830, CT4780, CT4670.

Another good budget card is the Creative Labs Audio Ensoniq PCI-model numbers ES1370, 1371, 1373. Probably get one of these for $5 US.

These are my suggestions for an update on a tight budget.

Okay, I’ll get a newish soundcard soon once I get the spare cash, along with the memory upgrade. The 56mb of memory I have is doing me just fine though, but it never hurts to upgrade it of course.
It probably doesn’t help that I have a mix of dimm and simm memory. One 32mb dimm and 2 8mb simm+2 4mb simm for a total of 56mb :)
I’ll get two 64mb dimm cards soon.
I fixed a major problem with this motherboards bios by flashing it with the upgrade rom file. Also I disabled the onboard SIS video chips and stuck in a nice trident PCI video card. That alone speeded things up a ton!!!
These m571 motherboards have a lot of weird problems that I now have fixed through help on the net.
Hopefully now all I have to worry about is getting a nice soundcard and some more memory (and money :P).
Thanks everyone.