At the risk of being political


This is just wrong. IN every possible way. Someone write a song about it.…n-cigna

Geeze Tom - that’s a tear jerker - what a tragedy. Happens everyday more than likely.

I can’t even think on it long - let alone write on it.

too sad

I seen that story on CNN today. If even a third of what I heard is true somebody ought to serve some serious time in prison… or worse. More than likely though, it was some drone along the route following “procedures”. That way the a$$-wipes who write the procedures have a shield.

Yeah Poppa, I bet it DOES happen everyday. When corporations put the almighty dollar before morals… it happens.


Yet, in the light of this tragic story, there is this Positive Corporation Story.

I don’t mean to be cynical, but that’s a lot fo free advertising and good will for not much outlay. Not that anyone in corp headquarters would have thought about it that way…

Well, it’s not like it made the front page of every newspaper (although I wish that it had). And can you imagine what kind of impact this will have on a small city like Fargo, ND?

Try not to be cynical - it’s a good thing for this bank to do, regardless of the ‘real’ reason. I don’t think those whose lives are positively impacted will care what the ‘real’ motivation was.

And, who knows, maybe it’s genuine…

Since we are talking politics… I was a lucky rascal this year. I got a nice, pretty hefty, year-end performance bonus for which I am extremely grateful… My dear Uncle Sam? HE TOOK ALMOST FORTY FREAKIN’ PERCENT OF IT!!! I almost had a D@#N heart attack…


This is too sad for me to read today.

CIGNA is my health care provider!?@##$%&$*(&++