Atari > pc midi conversion

When I’ve finished building a studio, hopefully in time for FAWMbruary, one of my first jobs is to rescue 15yrs of stuff from floppy disc world. I haven’t had the nuts or patience to even browse the subject for way to long. Any one know an easy? Guess I’m hoping for open s/w that allows me to stick Atari discs into a pc

Oh oh!? I’m getting that, “Let Me Google That For You” feelin’-)

Take them to a pro and have him or her do it.

Actually, send them to me, and I will have someone in our college ed-tech dept. do it.

OK, I’ve done this, but it was a long time ago so I may not remember correctly.

I used to use an ST as a midi file player but I edited the midi files on a PC. I’m pretty sure that an ST can read a disk formatted on a PC but not the other way round.

So assuming the disks you have are ST formatted it may be a case of loading each song into your sequencer on the ST and then swapping out the floppy for one formatted on the PC and re-saving.

One on the PC the midi files should be just fine.


I was using Win 3.11 (poss Win 95 but I don’t think so)when I did this.

Thanks, Tom - it ain’t too tricky once you get stuck in.

Mark, cheers dude, you’re an angel;-) It’s becoming re-familiar (TOS). First, first, first job is to build one STe out of the three that I have. 2 X 1040’s and a MegaST (the Falcon was crap with midi). They each have bits missing, including psu’s, ram, cards, etc…but I reckon there’s a good machine in the funnel.

I am hoping I am not oversimplifying it, but if the data is midi files why not just play them out to a midi cable (using some sort of adapter I assume) and simply record the data onto a sequencer? ronimusic made some pretty neat programs back in the day that would intercept Midi data coming in a serial port on the PC and route it to any software or hardware of your choice (Yoke).

This is what I do with Midi files on my Palm Pilot that runs on the Palm OS using the RS232 standard.


there is also an RS232 standard set up for atari on that page.