Athlon 64 CPUs

N-Track and Athlon 64 CPUs

I know the older AMD CPUs are not recommended for use with N-Track. Has anyone used N-Track with the newer Athlon 64 CPUs? I can get a really good deal on an Athlon 64 system, but I need to make sure it will perform with N-Track.


I know the older AMD CPUs are not recommended for use with N-Track.

Huh? How much older? Many many many of use are using the Athlon processors with excellent results. As for 64 bit, you have to have a 64 bit OS for it to do anything special. Until Windows comes out with its 64 bit offering in a few years/months you won't be getting much advantage from 64 bit processors. AKA, don't spend your money on 64 bit yet.

Hey Tommy,

A few years back, VIA made a chipset for the AMD processors that wasn’t too stable. THey had alot of problems with the Soundblaster cards. Can’t quite remember the name of the chipset. Anyway, I don’t believe the the AMD processor ever had problems with N-Track itself. I have been using AMD processors for years with great stability. Right now you can get a AMD XP-M 2600+ (Barton) for around $80. If you like to overclock with great stability, this is the chip. These moblie chips run practically cold.

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I run an Athlon XP 2500 with n. Works great. My son has an older Athlon 1400. Also great. The VIA KT133 up to about 333 chipsets had some problems. Those are just about gone now. My sons PC has the KT333 chipset. Installed the so called Via “4-in-1 update” and it’s been great ever since. Still, with 64 bit Windows and 64 bit apps months/years away. I would not blow a wad of cash on a 64 bit CPU. Get yourself a nice Athlon XP 3200 and save a bunch of cash. It will SCREAM with n-Track IMO.


i got my AMD athlon 64 3000+ for about $170 and you can get them for even cheaper now. It works great and is amazingly fast. I know that 64 OS and apps are a while off, but i think it is a good investment for the future. when i buy a new comp, i will still have a reasonably technologically advanced one for an internet or other computer.

Also: Make sure that you buy a mobo with lots of expansion options. ie: at least 3 ram slots(a gig of ram has come down in price a lot lately) USB 2.0 and firewire. I dont know if they make PCIExpress for AMD boards yet, but if they do, you might want to research that and see the benefits.

[EDIT]On new egg, the Athlon XP 3000 is $162, not much of a difference than the 64[/EDIT]

Man, they have come down in price. I will be building a DAW for our church soon. I guess I need to start shopping around again. I was thinking about an Athlon XP 3000 or 3200 but if there’s not that much difference…


Thanks to all for your help!!!