Attempt at Mastering pt.2

Hey everyone
Sorry for posting the useless one the other day. So here is a link with some mp3’s that are high res and some low res wma’s. Thanks for any comments.


Hey Jeromee,

This is some good stuff, man! I haven’t quite gotten through it all yet, but I wanted to post some general first impressions for now while I have some time. I think “Listen” is mastered well IMO–I can hear every instrument, the vocals are right there, sounds sweet to my ears. I’m not a pro, but that’s my basic definition of good mastering. I guess if I had to suggest anything, it might be that the snare might be a little overcompressed, but that’s a nit considering. “Cowshed”…boy that’s an a55kicker of a song! I’m not much of a guitar player, but I’m already trying to play that fast riff (feel free to give hints on picking and fingering–I’d be proud of myself if I could play that sucker! :D ). And the lyrics are right on. The only complaint I have is that the snare sounds kind of muffled, like the high-end has been EQ’d off. I didn’t really notice it until I happened to play it right after “Listen”, then it stood out much more. I think if you choose one song as a yard stick to measure the others by, it might be “Listen”.

Anyway, those two songs are my favorites so far. The others I have given only quick listens to so far (and some only partial), and they are sounding good. I was kind of thrown off by the vocal distortion in “Who You Know”…but I think I get your intention, so I can’t say it needs to be removed. Anyway, great work, and if I get more time I’ll try to give more opinions after more listening (if you don’t get fed up with them, that is :D ). Thanks for the tunes, and good luck with the CD…


Hey Tony
Thanks for lending a critical ear. I have been listening to these songs for about 18 months and my ears are pretty clouded. We have rerecorded these several many times due to my changing the recording formats.(the band loves me :) ) I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to critique these for me. Everyone hears things differently and I thank you for your input. I tend to cut the snare along with gate it to get rid of some of the hi hat bleed. Nine mics on a drum kit is enough to drive anyone crazy! I think? Glad you liked them. I’ll keep everyone posted as more songs are done.
Thanks again