ATTN: Delta 44 users

can you really get four outs?

OK, I want to hook up 2 pairs of speakers to the analog outs on the Delta 44 (pair of studio monitors & set of home stereo speakers), but for some reason I only get sound on the first two outputs WAVout 1/2, and no sound at all on 3/4.

Has anybody else had this problem with a Delta 44?

I’ve tried M-Audio tech support but they haven’t been too helpful so far… In fact, they don’t even answer my question: “Is this possible?” I figure it must be possible, otherwise, why four outputs?

Anyway, my fader levels are all up, I’ve downloaded the latest drivers and HW out ½ is set to Monitor Mixer. For the most part everything works well, no pops & clicks (until I get way up in CPU usage) and I can get 4 simultaneous signals going INTO the card no problem.

BTW- This isn’t solely a problem in N Track, it seems to be a Windows (XP) thing, because I can’t get any sound at all in 3/4, no mp3s, no wavs in other programs, no Windows sounds, nothing…

If anybody has experience with these cards, I would appreciate the help.

the default for n-track is to play back on delta o/p 1/2.
If in n-track preferences ,wave devices you choose delta o/p 3/4
the p/b will come out of HW 3/4 (if you choose Wav o/p 3/4 as the source in the Patchbay router).
Then if you leave Deta o/p 1/2 set to the monitor mixer and put up the Wav out 3/4 faders you should get what you want.
Hope this makes sense!


To get the Delta 44 working, I went to file->preferences, chose the ASIO drivers in the audio drivers button, and then on the output VU meters, there’s a little spanner icon, which you can click to choose the outputs in use through the select I/O channels.

DaveT- I couldn’t get the ASIO drivers to work for channel 3/4, although I already had it morking for 1/2… You were able to get sound coming out of both 1/2 and 3/4?

nick- I was able to get sound by selecting WDM 1/2 and WDM 3/4, but don’t I want to use ASIO drivers? I was under the impression that was better, somehow… So then, what should I select as my audio recording device? The WDM:“Mon. Mixer”, WDM:“Multi” or since I am able to select multiple devices (2), so should I select 1/2 and 3/4?

I gotta admit, this has me pretty confused and the Delta 44 manual is not much help… the patchbay/monitor is very confusing.

I still couldn’t get sound in channels 3/4 in other Windows apps, yet… But maybe I’ll be able to figure that out now. I guess I need to select the WDM drivers for all Windows apps?

correction: I was only able to get sound when I selected ADM 3/4, not both…

So you want 1/2 and 3/4 playing the same thing at the same time?
(sorry, kind of skipped over parts of your first post)

If so, it’s awkward, possibly not doable (I have an outboard mixer, patchbay and effects rack, which makes me a bit unsure quite what’s possible with the delta44 hardware, as I don’t need to use it, and it’s inflexible as compared to the rig I have)

I think to sort it out, in the Delta44 control panel, in the patchbay, choose output 1/2 to be monitor mixer, and 3/4 to be wavout 3/4. In the monitor mixer panel, chuck up the faders on wavout 3/4.

This will lead to wavout 3/4 being sent to all 4 outputs. now you need to choose to send to that output in ntrack. - Due to the way I use ntrack, I only know how to do that for individual tracks (Double click on the track and choose output to 3/4. if using ASIO drivers, this will be “M-audio Delta ASIO - 2”, if using WDM, it’ll be labeled as 3/4)

Personally, I find the ASIO drivers chuck up a lot fewer errors, but other than that, there’s little difference between them honestly, I seem to remember both are low latency. I stick to ASIO, but if WDM works, then don’t worry.

For other windows software, which is less audio inclined, the above trick I detailed should work so long as you can choose to send to 3/4. I think if you go to control panel -> sounds & audio devices -> audio, and choose the default sound card as delta3/4 it should work. But honestly I can’t guarantee that.

I hope that solves your problem, let me know if it doesn’t, and I’ll see what I can do.

OK, I think thats pretty much what nick said to do in his post, right? So it doesn’t really matter if I use ADM instead of ASIO?

I get all kinds of bitrate errors, and midi errors using the alternate drivers, and they’re a bit more clunky to use, but if they work, stick with them. You can always try to get ASIO drivers working, which will just involve playing around in n-track itself, according to the instructions I originally gave (about the spanners in the VU meters allowing you to choose which asio sources to use if you’ve selected asio drivers in preferences, and then further selection in track properties) assuming that the other drivers work, that’ll be all thats needed, I think. But honestly don’t worry if something works, don’t fix it. There’s precious little difference between the two sets, really.

If all you are trying to do is switch bewteen monitors, it may be much simpler to get an external speaker switch-box from Radio Shack for $20.
Works for me…

I was messing around with it last nite and the interface seemed slow and weird… I think it may have been due to switching to the WDM drivers (which didn’t occur to me until I read this thread this morning). There were dropouts and skips in recorded tracks… Does that sound like a driver issue?

I’ll have to switch back to ASIO tonite and play with it some more… I may end up just getting the speaker switch box though.

In the n track preferences/audio devices box select BOTH 1/2 and 3/4 for outputs…(hold down the shift key to highlight them both)…then go into the m audio panel and make sure the harware settings are correct…there will be 4 output meters on the playback vu…make sure the green button is on for the one ('s) you want to monitor…I have a Delta 66 and have all 6 outputs working (4 analog, 1 spdif) easily…