Audigy 2 Notebook overdub issues

Hi & Help…

I’m having a lot of problems overdubbing tracks:

a) Signal lags at different rates, some constant & some varying throughout the length of the overdubbed recordings (can’t even shift the wav file after recording).

b) Regularly ‘glitches’ between 2:30-3:15 of recording & playback, usually adding ~:01 (which, obviously blows the track).

Tried… 1) the updated drivers from Creative Labs, 2) using different drivers (FA recommends WDM, but I’ve tried ASIO & the others to rule 'em out), 3) tweeking the buffer setting from High (default) to Low.

Any suggestions to make it work?


PS Using…
v4.05, 24-bit, 44.1k
AMD Sempron 2800+
512MB (shared w/Video; actual ~480MB)
Win XP Home
CL Audigy2 ZX Notebook PCMCIA Audio Card

Hi JonesKY. I’m not a specialist but I think there’s an issue with SoundBlasters whereby they do all of their internal processing at 48kHz. Therefore, if you are using 44.1, the poor thing has to convert on the fly, causing delays etc.

If I remember well, n-Trackers with SoundBlasters tend to do all their recording and mixing at 48kHz, only converting the final master to 44.1kHz for transfer to CD.

Maybe this will work for you. Good luck.