Audigy 2ZX W/ 16bit n-Track

Sound Card 24/16 bit

I just had my Audigy 1 go bad. I’m using n-Track 4.0 program. Does anyone know if an Audigy 2ZX (24-bit soundcard) will work with the n-Track 16-bit 4.0 program? I’m not ready to go to 24-bit right now, and 16-bit soundcards are not available in my local area.

Hi larch334:
I have a couple of S/B Live 24-bit 7.1 - 6.1 - 5.1 el-cheapo cards that work just fine in my set-ups, along with other cards. They have WDM drivers and all… All with no issues that I can see… They don’t record at 24-bit reselution, though. But they repro 24-bit files. with no issues…


Sound Blaster claimed that the Audgy 1 card recorded at 24-Bit res. but if you look at the Properties of the files IT created, you’ll find that the bit-res. is 16.

Thank you for the reply… Due to time constraints, I just laid out $100.00 for an Audigy 2 ZS card to find out for myself. It works perfectly with the 16 bit n-track program… I loaded the WDM driver, that’s all. ( I never let creative or anyone else load all it’s bloated software) The only differences I can see with all things being equal is …that the highs are a bit brighter and overall it sounds just a little bit cleaner than my old Audigy 1 soundcard.


The Audigy 2ZX will record at 24 bit. The Audigy 1 would not. So, if you upgrade to the 24 bit version of nTrack, you’ll be ready to go.