Audigy2 and Single SATA HDD

Hello! I’m still a noobie when it comes to recording and using Ntrack. I’m trying to find out where the delay and limitations are coming into my configuration.

I’ve got:
P4 3.0Ghz (HT) on Intel D865GBF 800mhz FSB Mainboard
512MB DDR 400 (single)
Audigy 2ZS
Pod XT Live
120GB Seagate SATA HDD

I use the WDM drivers and 24bit/48k - which mostly seems to go well, except that ~6 - 8 tracks seems to be my limit, even with ‘muted’ track wave files not being read.

What I’m considering is:
a second Hard-Disk - setup for striping
switching from 512MB DDR (single channel) to DDR Dual Channel

Can anyone throw a comment or suggestion?


First, I would suggest switching to the ASIO driver. This seems to be the driver that creative push in all their documentation for music production on the audigy. FYI, I get 12-14 tracks with some heavy VST’s on a 1.4Athlon / 512RAM. Admiitedly I use 16/48 which lowers the overhead somewhat, but you should be getting more than 6-8 tracks. Oh, one other thing. Unless you need v.low latency for softsynths or “live” effects, increase your buffer size. I use 50ms

Man, a system like that should fly… my old P3 1.0Ghz could manage 25 tracks with an ATA33 drive with MME drivers(albeit 16/48).

A second drive will help, as will playing with the buffering. RAM will make no difference to the number of tracks you can playback/record. But I suspect something else is going on if you can only get that few tracks.

What happens? Does the CPU max-out or is the audio just stuttering?

I’m assuming that you’re talking about without effects. Yes?

Are you sure your SATA is setup right (check Device Manager).

What about DMA - is it enabled (this is a biggy - without DMA enabled drive performance is low).

Try running a disk benchmark proggy.

That’s all I can think about for now. Random thoughts. Hope it helps


Sorry for the delay in responding… got tied up with business for a few days.

Ok, so in creative land ASIO is probably better, but for me I need the 24/48 - so that currently isn’t an option. Things get pretty strange when I try to force 24/48 on the ASIO drivers.

On my system, the CPU load is nominal almost all the time. I’m becoming suspicous the audigy drivers and SP2 aren’t getting along as well as they should.

I don’t use much for effects, this is mostly just a recording machine.

I’ll do some more playing and if I can find a good source, some reading on the whole buffering thing. Seems that’s the most likely resolution. The DMA is as it should be, but I might also grab a second drive anyway.