Audio and Video at the same time

Any programs out there that will let you record the video output from a camcorder and the stereo audio output from a mixer at the same time?


Windows Movie Maker will do that- free with your copy of XP!


Any special kind of input needed to get the video in…firewire etc???


No special kind of interface. It will work with whatever video capture device you have.

I used it with an analogue capture card (composite video in) and it worked fine.
You can also import clips from your computer and edit them.

I’m not an expert with it, I’ve only used it the once but, as I remember it wasn’t too difficult to use, just time consuming to edit the video and re-assemble it again.

You can either import sound and video together, or import a sound track afterwards.

Hope it works for you chuck.


Okay Beefy. Thanks for the info.

I’ve struggled with this. I have tried to use a USB Dell Video Capture device and a Dell PCI Capture device. Both are based on the Angel chip. So far I have found one shareware app (limited captures until you pay) that will “see” the devices. Movie Maker and Nero neither will recognize the device at all. Furthermore, in the one app I was getting dropouts that were along the lines of 30 second gaps in capturing. That’s not useful.

Any suggestions about hardware that will work with Movie Maker or Nero?

Quote (phoo @ Sep. 26 2006,20:49)
Any suggestions about hardware that will work with Movie Maker or Nero?


I must have been lucky Phoo.

The input device I used was a cheap (very) PCI TV tuner card with a composite video input.

I never even tried to get the TV side of it working.

Movie Maker recognised it straight away.

I have no idea what chip it was based on.


I’ve been converting all my old VHS tapes and camcorder movies over to DVD using this:

Plextor ConvertX USB2 video converter (uses hardware MPEG conversion)
Captures analog video directly to MPEG2 using USB2 with zero problems.…0&Go=Go

It has a separate video and audio plug, so you would be able to patch in your mixer.

If you have got a DV camcorder with firewire out you should be able to send the video to your computer using just a firewire cable.


I bought this unit at Comp USA. It runs video through USB and audio through the line ins on your sound card. It captures in several formats - MPEG2, AVI, WMV, etc. It really seems to work pretty well. I’ve only used it a few times. And it’s very reasonably priced compared to other units that don’t support as many formats. Composite and S-VHS inputs. The Ulead software that comes with it is pretty basic.; I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

CompUSA Video Grabber

If you just want to convert your analog tapes to DVD without editing, one of those stand-alone DVD Recorder/VHS combo units is the way to go. Or, if you already have a good VHS, just get a standalone DVD Recorder. You CAN edit the video from the resulting DVD, but it’s somewhat complicated, and the audio and video tend to get out of sync. To avoid this, you convert the MPEG2 (.vob) files from the DVD to .avi, then edit them in a video editor. I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio.
Good Luck


Maybe I didnt make myself clear. I want to get the video from my camcorder via firewire and the audio from my board at the same time …Live!!! a program like Windows Movie Maker
Ive been told you cant do this with a camcorder…you can only transfer the audio and video to a program like Windows Movie Maker etc…that has been recorded on the video camera then transfer that to the video program. Is this correct?? I was told Id have to use something like a web cam to get the video into the program.


I can’t vouch for firewire, but you can certainly run video and audio live from a camcorder.
When you think about it, as far as the application is concerned, there is no difference between “live” and “recorded” mode. All it is doing is taking video and audio streams. It doesn’t care whether they were recorded years ago, or 20 milliseconds ago.

In Windows Movie Maker, and other editing applications, you can chose which video and audio capture device you want to use. Some capture cards have built-in soundcards, others don’t.
When I did some video capture I used my SBLive! card as the audio bit.
Sometimes you can run into sync problems i.e. the audio and video get out of step, but it’s not un-fixable.

So, you can either take your camcorder to (say) a gig and record the band and then dump the whole lot to disk, together with the crappy audio, or record the video with your camcorder and take a live audio feed straight from the mixing desk. It doesn’t matter either way as far as your computer is concerned.


Hi, Someone I work with has seen “live” pictures from a Panasonic DV camcorder in his editing application (Adobe premiere) before he presses play on his camcorder to send his taped material to his computer.
I can’t see why Movie maker would be any different.