Audio devices open?????

Hi, been awhile since I posted. Here goes:

EPOX 8RDA+ (nforce2)
directpro 24/96
n-track v4.xx (and other versions too)

When using the program and playing tracks, it will open audio channels on my soundcard and leave them open. This seems to be causing some odd glitches/freeze-ups when I try to use other programs.

Other audio programs only have the audio channels in use when music is playing and idle when not playing(as viewed in the aardvark contol panel)

In the Audio devices advanced menu of n-track there is a box checked ‘keep audio devices open’. When I try to uncheck the box it doesnt stay unckecked. When I press OK it stays unchecked, but when I return to that menu 10 seconds later the box is checked again.

Has anyone had any experience with this before ?(n-track tying up audio channels) Am I in the ballpark by trying to uncheck this box?? Why won’t it stay unchecked??

Thanks for any info

My first thought is that the config file (n-track2.cfg in this case) is write protected.

mine does the same thing? it’s not check as Read Only though?

Are you using ASIO drivers, if yes then it’s not ntrack, the drivers will force this periodically during a mixing session, and it will need to be turned off.

Excellent point! ASIO sort of takes over and needs to be set in the cards control panel. n-Tracks is reflecting the settings, but you can’t change most ASIO settings from within n-Tracks. I suppose that is also different for each card.

Thanks for the input.

The ASIO driver definately takes control of the buffering settings, maybe it is also controlling this aspect as well?

Sounds reasonable to me.

Is there anyway to manually make the audio channels go to idle?? (somehow reset the driver??)

Hmmmm… I am hoping this is just some setting somewhere that I have missed. Could be a simple matter of checking/unchecking a box somewhere. Unfortunately I haven’t found that magical box yet!!!

Maybe someone else has some additional comments?