audio drive

so now what?

Alright, I got a second hard drive for audio, now what do I need to do in n-track to tell it to put the audio on there?

Can’t quite figure it out…


Just copy all of your song folders onto the new drive and set the n-Track temp directory to point to that drive as well.

It’s not complicated…

Or, a more complex, (but not necessarily better) answer… :)

So, you go to File/settings/preferences/paths, and set up up there.

The way I do it, I have a folder on my system drive called PROJECTS, which contains, (surprise surprise :D) all my on-going projects.

In that folder are sub-folders called SONG_1, SONG_2, etc.

In those subfolders are more sub-folders; so in SONG_1 lies a sub-folder called SONG_1A, which contains all the files I’m working with.

So when I want to work on a project, I copy the latest version of a song (SONG_1B for example) onto the Audio drive.

Then I record, mix, bugger about, whatever, till I’m bored, then copy it back to the SONG_1 folder, but, renaming it as SONG_1C.

Anyway, it keeps things straight. It also means I have all of the old stuff containing all the various stages of the process.

It’s probably very anal, but what the ####, I may not have talent, but at least I’m organised! :laugh:


I suggest you leave the preferences alone (unless you want to change where temp files go, which might be a good idea). Don’t use the “Temporary files and new wave files” thing.

I do something similar to Ali:

Start n-Track. Click “new song”, if necessary to clean the slate. Select “Save As”. Navigate to the folder where you want to keep this song. I have a folder for any album I’m creating, and a folder for collaborations (for when I do tracks for others) with sub-folders for each person. I also have a folder for covers (which I normally don’t include on my own CDs).

Once you’re in the right area based on your organization method, click the widget to create a new folder, and use the song name for the folder name. Open that folder.

Give the song file a name – I use a short one or abbreviation, because this is the prefix for the wave and peaks files, and I don’t like super long file names. Save that puppy, and get to work.

All wave files you record will be saved in the same folder as the song file, which really helps keep them organized. When resuming work on an existing song saved this way, start n-Track and use the “File -> Open” menu (or the “open an existing .sng file” toolbar button). When you do, it’ll start at whatever folder you used last, which is convenient. For some silly reason, if you start n-Track by going to the folder in Windows and double-clicking the song file, next time you load or save something it won’t default to that folder.

If you want to organize songs you’ve already created, but they’re all in the same folder, use “File -> Move/Rename Song”, and put them in separate folders. Then you can easily move the folders around, rename the folders, and not worry about paths at all – just like Ali does, to move them to a “working” disk or an “archive” disk.