Audio editor freebie... today only...

don’t know much about it… but hey…

It’s free today if you need an editor or wanna muck about with a new “toy”…

Give Away of The Day


Can someone grab the download for me?
I’m out of town all day and on my phone.

14 hours and 12 minutes left Poppa. I have the download if you need it… BUT you have to activate it before the 14 hours and 12 minutes up! Will you be back home before then?


Connie is in a shop til you drop mode - we’ll see

For your feet and your wallets sake I hope she doesn’t shop til she drops for 14 hours! :laugh:




Got home early phoo and was able to get it… thanks D - Kel

I was hoping for the noise filters and sure enough theres a few included… old cassettes and LP stuff.

Cool… glad you could grab it Poppa.


Thanks D for the heads up. Unfortunately I only see the cassette noise reduction. And it seems like a pretty bland daw from what I’ve seen so far. Audacity seems to have more going for it.

Well it’s pretty basic eh? I don’t see it replacing Adobe Audition on my machine any time soon. However, I wanted to post it up for poor, broke noobs who might need a wave editor.

I hate the fact that you can’t choose an audio driver other than what is selected as Windows preferred system drive. That alone makes it suck for my use. Ah well…


PS Yep. I believe Audacity is a better choice in the “free” editor arena…