audio settings for Windows 10 with Tascam

getting sound from nTrack and other apps

Got a new computer running Windows 10, and a new audio Interface Tascam US-16x08. Running nTrack8. I can’t get other audio sources (YouTube, iTunes, other audio players) to play when I have n-Track8 loaded. I want to be able to bring in other sources to listen to while nTrack is open. I am not trying to incorporate any of that audio into a recording, just want to be able to listen for ideas or demonstrate stuff to others while in a session. I am selecting the AISO 16x08 driver or the ASIO 16x08 mixing driver
from the nTrack menu path “Settings, audio devices” as recommended by Tascam (I don’t know the functional difference, they only mention using the ASIO driver without specifying). In either case, I get no audio from other sound sources (i.e. if i go to an mp3 file in file explorer or open Youtube on my browser, no audio comes through). If I drop nTrack, i get audio just fine from other sources. I know there are multiple places to affect sound through Windows10 settings, but am unfamiliar with where they are or what they do. Any places to start? Suggested searches on this forum?

The Tsacam being an ASIO device will only produce sounds from sources directly plugged into it. That being said, your looking for other sources from within windows to go thru -nTrack. I can only think of the default drivers from your onboard sound card, you might be able to use those by choosing them in the audio section of available input and outputs. In selecting a non-ASIO default windows driver you might be able to record sources from the onboard sound card, such as wave out and listen and record these sources. This will be hit and miss for sure. Using non-ASIO drivers can be extreme resource hogs so just beware of that.

Hope that helps