audio stuttering on ipad

I downloaded the ios app on an ipad 2 and am having issues with audio stuttering even with the latency at the highest setting. this happens when tracking, playing back, adding effects, and using the metronome.
I am recording through a roland duo capture ex (which ntrack recognizes as a ua 22).
I even went as far as resetting the ipad and restoring from a backup.

does anyone have any ideas what causes the stuttering and have any solutions?

Does the stuttering occur only when recording through the external Roland device or even when recording using the built-in iPad mic?
What sampling frequency and recording bit depth (i.e. 16, 24 or 32 bit) settings are you using?
Some users have reported clicks in the recordings that appear to be generated by electromagnetic interferences by the iPad Wi-Fi antenna. Please try to see if the problem goes away turning off the iPad wifi (and also 3G if available).


after running a few tests, it seems the problem was due to the camera connection kit coming loose.

is there anyway to keep this in place?