Audiophile 2496


I recently installed M Audio Audiophile 2496 after using the onboard 16 bit soundcard up until this point. Does anyone have any tips on setting up/using this with N Track? I have more driver choices than I know what to do with. (I’ve got the 24bit upgrade). Thanks.

Sorry, I didn’t see your question first. tvanveen is having a similar problem. Look at the reply to his question - it may get you started. While I don’t have a 2496, many folks around here do, so someone will have some good specific answers eventually.

I have the AudioPhile too - I’ve always been using the ASIO drivers and I’m happy with it. Installation was extremely easy - nTrack detects immediately but will indeed need 24 bit registration.

I got a bit of trouble starting with the MIDI bit however : for one or another reason, nTrack detects two Midi output ports where there is actually only one. Of course in the end, it turned out that I had to use “the other one” (detectable : one had a “garbage” description, the other one a proper description).

Apart from that - most reliable.

I was never able to sync it with the soundcard on my ASUS MOBO which also is supposed to support SPDIF though … I never worried anyway.

my settings:

file - settings - preferences - recording settings - audio devices

In - M-Audio Delta ASIO
Out - M-audio Delta ASIO

MIDI out needs to be via old soundacrd or Microsoft GS Wavetable (Delta Card has no MIDI synth) - or use a Soundfont player (SF2 is a free VST SF player and works well- you also need to download sone soundfonts - a google search for Musica Theoria is a good start - massive range of good sounds)

M-Audio settings (this confused me for a while)

Patchbay/Router - H/W Out 1/2 - Monitor Mixer
Hardware Settings - DMA Buffer Size - adjust to taste, the lower the better but you may get problems. I have mine set at 256 samples.

Then check monitor/mixer levels.

sorry its a bit vague - I can get some more detail/screenshots if you need them.