Australian Election Results

Looks like John Howard and his band of merry Liberals are going to stay in power, having even gained a few more seats from Labor. The more worrying part is that they’ve got 50% of the upper house now, so they’ll be able to crash more legislation through, whereas the Democrats were holding them back a bit (gotta love it when a bill that would enable the sitting goverment to push bills through easier gets stopped).

Regardless, whoever won, it was always going to be a case of:

"Meet the new boss/same as the old boss."


Willy, what exactly does “liberal” mean in Australia? I’m no expert on your politics, but I was just a tad surprised, given what I’d read about disatisfaction with Howard. Hard to get a good picture here of the politics there. So little is reported.

edit: I should add, if I knew what news sources to look at there, it wouldn’t be so hard! :)


I am a US citizen living here and I’ve just about got it sussed out.

Oz speak — US Speak
======= ========
Liberal — Conservative
Labor — Liberal
Green — think Ralph Nader

I don’t know how the ossie parties got their names, but I am not really sure how the US parties did either :stuck_out_tongue:

- Ben

There are actually just two parties in either place…

“More of the Same Party”
"The Other Guys"

Or in America…
Republican – The Right
Democrat – The Left
Libertarian – The Far Left and The Far Right (common sense dictates no middle ground)
Green – The Hippies
Anarchist – Not The Hippies
The Rest of Us – The Rest of Us


I like that phoo… That really covers it…

Here it’s The Party Names really don’t matter…

If your part of the government you’re in store for more…

If your’re not you are in store for less…

But don’t get cought with your finger in the till, no matter who you support…

And, the rest of us pay…


Thanks Ben! Etymologically the Australian term “liberal” works better than the US term “conservative.” Burke and all that. :)

MOTS - more of the same… nice. :)

Or, if you want to add even more confusion, in the UK, the Liberal Party is the centrist party! :D

Whereas in Scotland, the Liberals are seen as right wing, but not as much as the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party), who for some strange reason, are supported by the Scottish Communist Party.

Anyway, as someone once said:

“It makes no #### difference who you vote for; it’s always the government who gets into office!” :laugh:


Is fairly standard.

Looks like Telstra will be getting sold. They sold 49% of it a few years ago and, surprise, surprise, cleared a shitload of debt. But to me, if you’re selling one of the only goverment utilities that makes money, aren’t you robbing Peter to pay Paul? It’s not an asset if you don’t have it…

Willy, selling what you don’t own is the whole basis of the capitalist system.

And that is why Martha Stewart is now “Big Meg’s” wife.

Lying to federal investigators?


Lie all you want, that’s just politics/business, but, upset confidence in Wall Street?

Shit! You’re gonna pay! :laugh:


It used to be different here phoo. Since FDR, the “liberals” created great social programs & enacted things we all take for granted today. Since the 70’s, it’s all being eroded away so there’s no safety net anymore for government or from business. There’s a good article discussin the history today in the LA Times.

You’re on your own now baby - is the new way (new boss).