Auto-sense Recording

Auto-sense Recording

(Running v4.1.5 Beta) I thought I remembered seeing a feature that would allow the program to start recording when it sensed a signal, then to stop after the signal was no longer present… or below a certain dB threshold.

Am I dreaming or just blind? Need some help finding this if it’s there.


Try Track–>Special–>Voice/Level Activated Recording

I always wonder if that feature would really catch like the first half-second or so of the recording. Anyone?


It’s not quite like you imagine. You still have to click to start recording but the source doesn’t get recorded until it goes over the threshold… a bit like a noise gate.

Thanks for the info! You’re right, this feature could be improved, but still nice.

I could see how this could be really useful if it started with an audio input. Say you have your guitar in another room, turn on the feature, go to your guitar, and hit the strings for the start button. then record. It’d sorta be like using a wireless controller with start and stop buttons.