auto tuner plug-in

cheap or free???

Hey guys,

I’m mostly a songwriter and an instrumentalist but unfortunatly I’m have to sing while recording my songs. My voice isnt TOO bad, but I do have a tough time with singing perfectly in tune. Just enough to notice. Are there any cheap or free auto-tuning plug-ins out there that I can apply to my voice tracks to tighten things up?




Don’t know of any free ones, but I use Oberheim OBTune which is a stripped down version of Antares Auto Tune. Works well if you are not too far out of tune and have a good clean track. Forget it if your vocal track is noisy.
Alternatively, if you are consistently out of tune, you could try NTrack’s pitch shifting plug.
Double tracking vocals is quite successful as well, or maybe a bit of chorus.
Don’t forget though that the best singers don’t necessarily sing the best songs.

Performance is better than perfect pitch any day. Think about it.


I think antares autotune is fully functional for 30 days as a demo (wait until you’ve a load of tracks to do, download, install and do them all at once :;): :laugh: ), then its big money :(
All the others are about the same price (and I think they’re all based on the same software, which would explain it).
I went around this loop not so long back.

I use RBC Voice Tweaker

However be warned. This is no quick fix. I really only use it to add some effects, there is a huge amount of work involved in actually tuning a vocal track. There auto corrections do something but only if you were very close, if you are off by anything it either sends you to the wrong note or it has an electronic sounding noise.

Ultimately unless you are a pro with plenty of time I don’t think these tools are much use.

The pitch fixer in Adobe Audition works well for the most part. Of course you have to get Audition, with is $300 or so. That’s far from free or cheap.

There’s CarToon from the BetaBugs team but when I last asked it was still in Beta and development had stalled. Might be worth checking out as it was free.



Hey guys,

I went on the page and I can’t find the Oberheim OB-Tune anywhere on there. Any ideas?


try sending an email to Probably not selling it any more, but worth a try.

I use it and it’s very helpful. Better if you have clear tone and works fine with embellishments & vibrato, but doesn’t work well at all for folks whose pitch warbles badly. My voice is not so strong and it really helps me relax and concentrate more on tone than getting uptight about intonation. And as a result of relaxing, my intonation gets better. (Sure, gotta work on it too!)

If they’re not selling it anymore, is there anyway to still get it???


You’d have to buy it from someone who has codes for the challenge/response.

IIRC, last time I reinstalled it on a new computer, the same codes worked. But I’m not sure. I get a new computer in a month or two so I’ll try it and let you know. If I need new codes and they’re not sending them any more, I’ll be a bit frosted. AutoTune is a bit out of my price range, as a hobbyist (and not in the process of recording an album these days anyway).

I think I heard of a similar plugin somewhere but didn’t give it much thought since I have OBTune. Next time I see it I’ll make more of a note, since OBTune seems not to be available any more. BTW, the website for the challenge/response code has been down for years, but they’d still respond via email.