Automated Play List

Is there any way?

Is there any way, in n-Track to have a “play list” that plays back prerecorded wave files with MIDI tracks? I use this format in my solo act. The wave file has the drums, and whatever instruments I’m not playing, while the MIDI tracks are programmed with program and control changes to automate my guitar/bass preamps, vocal effects, Digitech Vocalist harmonizer and whatever virtual instrument I need for my master keyboard/controller. I don’t have to worry about what patch I need for which instrument in each song and don’t have to stomp on any boxes for solos or vocal echoes, or whatever.
I know Cakewalk Sonar has a “play list” function but can’t find anything in the n-Track manual about the ability to do this type of thing. n-Track is about as good as Sonar as far as I’m concerned (and costs a WHOLE lot less) and if it doesn’t have this feature, maybe future versions could include this for those of us with complicated, automated solo acts.
Any ideas or feedback on this subject?

I don’t think it is currently available but you could do it without a lot of intervention by just putting all the songs in one folder, opening each in sequence and hitting play.

Once you were in the right folder it would take one mouse-click to get to the open file dialog, a double-click to load the file and a click to play. If you have it set to stop at the end of a song automatically that is all it would take. Maybe an additional 15 seconds between songs and it would have the advantage that you could change the order and skip songs at will.


Another thought, since there is no limit to the length of songs (I have recorded for hours and haven’t hit one yet) you could just create one long .sng file with the individual songs placed end-to-end. A fair amount of work up front but you could get the effect of a playlist.


Thanks, jimbob. I may try both of the methods and see which one is less of a pain in the butt.
I think it would be not too difficult for a “play list” feature to be programmed into n-Track. I’ll see if there’s a suggestion forum here.