Aux and Track effects

Help me decide which to use


I am trying to decide whether to place a verb plug as an Aux effect (and send each channel to it that requires it) or use several instances of th eplug for each trakc.

I understand the benifits of the Aux channel as every track can use the same plug. However, surely in practice it is unlikely that every instrument wants the same reverb parameters?

As I want differing reverbs for each instrument, I currently have multiple instances, but at 15 tracks, CPU usage goes through the roof.

Am I missing something?



Hi Nick !

I think you have answered your own questions !

Yes it is better to have the availabillity of seperate settings on reverbs, but it is (mostly) a tradeoff between what you want and what you can do.

The system restraints dictates that you need to ‘consolidate’ your reverbs.

It might be a good idea to group channels with similar ‘reverb needs’ to the same bus and then use only one instance per bus.


Edit : Having said all that, in my mind it isn’t that illogical to assume that if a band plays in a certain place, everything you hear will be affected in the same way - so if that’s what you’re doing then carefully setting the ‘send’ ammount of the channels to the same reverb might give you good results…

Hmmm. Good point about the room. Also, looks like the ‘channel-grouping’ would be a good compromise. Thanks for the reply.

It’s often good to use two reverbs: one mild stereo reverb on an aux bus that you send most instruments to, to create the ambience, and another (usually a track or group plugin) for lead vocals, richer & creamier & with more tails.