aux outing options?

how to define the output of an aux chan.

let’s say i’ve got a daw interface with 8 outs on it. is it possible to define the output channel(s) for an aux send? an application example: what if i’m using 6 auxes, and auxes 1&2 are for internal effects, but i want to use auxes 3-6 as direct outs to playback device channels 5-8 for individual headphone mixes. is it possible?

sorry if that doesn’t make sense. if not, i’m sure SOMEBODY will let me know and i can take another crack at it…

You have to have all of the outputs you wish to use selected via VU’s hammer > Select I/O.
Now the mixer view will contain all of the outputs and each output will have the number of AUX returns that you set up.
Use the AUX sends at each track and the corresponding returns at the outputs you wish to make up the monitor mixes.
You are going to end up with a very large mixer though. :p



yeah, it’s gotta’ be done with the output channels Auxillary return knobs. for example
output one-aux 1 and 2 with full return, aux 3-6 with 0% return.
output two-aux 1 and 2 with full return, aux 3-6 with full return.

This would give you output one with effects and nothing coming from aux 3-6, while givin output two effects and all the sound coming from 3-6.

I really wish we could output groups to multiple outputs, or maybe have busses-that’d simplify the process organizationally while accomplishing the same thing.

Thanks…Not the ideal, but at least it can be done.

That 19" monitor is looking awfully good… :D