auxillary channel setup

how to assign a track to auxillary chann

I tried using the n-track help, but couldnt find exactly how I assign a given track to one of the two auxillary channels.
Anybody got a tip?

Hey, PickNGrin,

I’m not an expert on how the aux routing works, but all you need to do to get a signal from a particular track to, say, Aux 1 is to use the Aux 1 “send” fader for that track. The Aux send faders are the little ones at the bottom of the track mixer strip. However, to actually hear the Aux 1 processing in the master output, you need to turn up the master Aux 1 “return” fader–see the top of p14 of the current manual (rev 1.51) for a picture of this. Things work the same for Aux 2, and if you want more Aux channels, add more in Files/Settings/Preferences/Options.



Thank You!

Been wondering how those the little faders in the mixer were connected to this.
I think I have it now, anyway, its a good start!

For a lot of situations, you may find the use of groups easier to manage. You create groups by clicking Properties for a Track and choosing “Output to”. Groups are cool.