where’d they go ?

Is it my system or the N-track forum… I no longer see any avatars? ???


Must be a temporary glitch or your system - can see them just fine.

Sometimes web pages just don’t load properly; try F5 to refresh.

The storage site…I think. Oh well, it will be back.

Something funky was going on last night. phootoons.com and all the sites on the same server was very slow to inaccessible. FTP access was fine. I host some avatars on avatars.phootoons.com for folks. Not seeing your avatar is a sure sign something there is not working. It seems ok this morning. I sent email to the webhost, but no reply yet. This is the second time in a couple of weeks it’s gone down for an extended period of time. This morning some files I uploaded last night weren’t there. My guess is that the backup restored the site, wiping out what I uploaded (that’s not a problem actually). All that said, many more sites were slow as doodoo last night too. I don’t think it was all phootoons.com server issues.

thanx, phoo


Well, according to the Bhagavad Gita, all of Vishnu’s avatars; Rama, Krishna, etc., were reabsorbed back into the godhood upon their death.

So 'praps that’s what happened to yours. :cool:


Nope…found it