Avid/Digidesign (Pro Tools) aquires

M-Audio. What do you think?


Sounds like I sold my stock too soon!
This aught to take them up a couple of points.
And if they take advantage of the coupling we cold be looking at a very interesting market for bundle software associated with Audiophiles soundcards…hmmmm
(Buy a 8 channel soundcard, get a top of the line wav. editor free?) Where do I sign up for that waiting list! Hey I’m in the market next year to upgrade, anyway…so what the hey…
Don’t worry guy’s I’ll never forsake Ntrack…I’m a lifer, but it would be nice to see how the other half lives, without paying what they pay…te he…hee

Hey where were you, to give me the inside trading tip, before I sold!


Just kiddin’