Awfully quiet around here

what was that !!!

I guess everyone is reading thru the 'stimulus bill’
Big stimulus and a much bigger BILL.

Got to say that the latest build of N is pretty darn good.
I can finally do everything I want in N now. And not have
to shuttle between different progies.

Just when you get ‘up’ on one ‘bill’ there’s another one waiting in the wings.

I can’t keep up. Dang flu won’t go away either…

Same here with N. Excellent! :agree:

N seems pretty decent at the moment.
Stimulus bill seems rather frivolous at the moment.
I seem rather old at the moment.
It seems rather early at the moment.

Hey Poppa, it took me over 3 weeks to get over that crappy flu. My grandkids had it, 2 days later they’re running around like nuttin happened.
Not grandpa,
ruff stuff to get over,

think the age plays a part? :)

We’ve got a run of it here too…
You get it bad for a week…then you’re better…then the same thing comes back with a vengence for another week…


My employer was apparently not impressed with the stimulus bill. “No holiday or vacation pay until further notice.”

No bonuses or raises here, but at least I still have a job. Of course, I have more than ten times the work I did three months ago (really - it’s more like 13 times as much work – yes I am counting – that’s part of the job). Fortunately, the folks formerly doing the stuff I have now were simply shifted to other projects. No one nearby lost jobs either.

Be thankful ya got a job!

No work here, my daughters boyfriend just lost his job this week (solid surface counter tops)
Everything construction related around here is going belly up! Lowes Home Improvement warehouse nearby laying people off cause of poor sales.
Taint looking good folks.

Bad thing is, when the economy is bad, my area gets lots of business.

And can I say: flu shots!