B. B. King turns 80!



I saw BB perform in the early 80’s. Great gig, great showman, great guitar player.

Happy Birthday BB.

B.B. Who?

Just kidding :p

Just a few years ago, I heard on the radio the BB King was playing a show in Philly the next day. So I immediately went out to get tickets (for me and my wife). I was amazed to find out that the show had plenty of seats left. What was even more amazing is that we got 4th row center tickets for about $30 each!

The show was great. BB was too fat to stand through the show, but he is a better player on his ass than most of us will ever be standing up… :)

Happy Birthday Mr. King



No, the man is not too fat to stand…he is a diabetic and it affects the feet and legs as you get older, that is why he sits. But I do agree, he is great. If you have a chance to see him go, before its too late. Wish I had seen John Lee Hooker before he passed…will see Buddy Guy again next month though…yesssssssssss

That reminds me of seeing Big Joe Turner, also a diabetic, at Joe’s Star Lounge in Ann Arbor in about 1983 or 84, shortly before he went to sing blues elsewhere. Had a big stool, sort of collapsed onto it, but whoa, when he opened up, what an enormous sound.

These are people that folks in the future will dream about, like some of us think about actually hearing Bach play… :)

edit: I might be misremembering, he might have been in a wheelchair, all I remember is thinking when he came out was that the money I’d spent on tickets might have been better spent - I was a very poor undergraduate at the time - but then he opened up, and whooom! :)

Happy Birthday BB.
Saw the man long time ago, awsum, and what a band. Can you say ‘TIGHT’.
Buddy Guy, what a show! If ya never seen Buddy, worth your time.

When these guys are Gone… Who Will Take Their Place? ??? :(

It was in the late '70’s BB Kink came to town for a Show… It got sold out so a Late Show was put on that got sold out… as well…

The venue was a High school theatre… 11-1500 seats… Anyway… it was show day. I worked at the MusicStop there as the service manager… The Hammond B-3 and Leslie 122 got primed for the job and a Black-Faced Twin was overhauled for the stage, buy me… All of a sudden the call came in… NO Luciel… BB’s Guitar wasn’t on the plane… It turned out the guitar ended up in Winnipeg… Went the wrong way… There was a Gibson 335 on the Guitar Rack… But it was NO Luciel…

Looking back more than 25 years ago… I’ll never forget the expirence of being in that room to hear World-Class BLUES…

You see… I was a Red-Necked Bar-Room Bass Player…

Recalling from memory…

There was a drummer… either Gretch or Ludwic TUBS Hammond B-3 and 122 Cabinet… Rythum Guitar…Fender Tele and Black-Faced Super Amp Fender P-Bass and Ampeg SVT… with a 4-Piece Horn Section… They doubeled on Trumpits and Saxes and other Brass… Not sure of some of the Horns… Well… and BB King… Gibson 335 and a Black-Faced Twin…



He turned 80 today.

Yeah, BB IS a class act. The band is a class act in itself, tuxs and the like and yes…very tight. They played a while and then introduced BB and then the real show began…unforgettable :)