Baby boomer rockers

ingnored demographic?

Are the baby boomers a lost demographic to the Sam Ash and Guitar center stores?
I personally think that this may be the case. I do often wonder how many rockers from the 50's 60's and 70's that put their passion aside to pursue careers; family etc.
may now have the time and resources (money) to pick up where they left off are being ignored by the retail music giants. I have to tell you that I'm pretty much invisible when I've visited the aforementioned stores, I generally wander around while young lads wail on guitars, keys, or drums as an attentive sales person looks on until I finally ask for help as I'm greeted by “Hey man, what's up?” This is the reason I tend to visit the mom and pop type music stores where the inventory is limited and the prices are higher, what a quandary! I'll take a wild guess and say that a lot if not most baby boomer rocker types are finding as much as they can online to avoid the sometimes-intimidating experience of the big box stores. Maybe one of these big retailers should test some spin-off stores with the seasoned musician in mind, possibly staffing it with sales people that can relate to their target (not the store) customer. Would be nice!


Are the baby boomers a lost demographic

i can't wait until the rich white man is finally in charge, then things will shape up in a hurry.


i see what you mean, though, having just done some pre-shopping at guitar center and ready to go purchase said stuff when the windfall check comes in (any day now. sheesh, time to call the lawyer again and kick some arse). they cater to the nu-metal teens or whatever it's called these days with their dress, talk, body adornments, and attention spans. it's a bit frustrating, like watering a mudhole.

I’ll go to flee markets and rifle through the albums and tapes. If it’s on CD, chances are I don’t want it anyway. There are some regulars (at the flee markets) who cater to selling others music collections so there is always different stuff. But yes, forget about the retail outlets. I went in to try to get BOC’s first album. No dice.
But then I have so tapes and albums boxed up - it will take me the rest of my life to lift the stuff to digital.

Baby Boomers buy stuff for their kids. GS knows what it’s doing. (as much as I hate it)