back amoung the living

Teryeah is is quite experienced in both Krispy Kreme’s and Waffle House grits…but we’ll be getting both Toro and him on (or off – depending on your point of view) the wagon soon enough. I’m not sure how many Krispy Kreme’s Toro has tried, but they’re good for your heart. They must me…anyting that brings such joy can’t be bad. And, they have been intimate with NC Bar-B-Que as well.

Lard butts be us… :laugh:


thanks seven. when the staples come out in a week all will be closer to normal.

With completely normal (or better) soon to follow, I hope. :agree:

Ya’ll can have the grits… I’m orderin’ the hashbrowns. (Of course, I could just run across the street and get a big bag of Krystal burgers.)

Get well soon Poppa!

JDET…one piece of advice…do EXACTLY what your surgeon/doctor tells you. Don’t get up and about too quick…but don’t sit down too long either :laugh:

Glad the pains gone mate. I know exactly how you feel!