Back at Last

been gone a few weeks

I’m back after a “vacation” where many of my old band mates got together after many years. I got to see some friends I hadn’t seen in 35 or more years, and band members and road crew from bands dating back to 1973. It was a fun time for all. Also there were a couple of nutty Norwegians. Pictures are on the way. (mine are really crappy - I hope to get some better ones at some point). It’s going to take at least a few days to recover.

Now will you have time to work on your Presidential bid :)

Quote (phoo @ April 12 2007,09:39)
Also there were a couple of nutty Norwegians.

Ahhh - it's good to be home :cool:

Nutty Norwegians… hmmm… there’s a song in there somewhere.

Nice to “see” you guys.


Heck, Tim, we even went through a small piece of ole Alabammy :)

WHAT!?!?! and didn’t stop by to autograph my Fartones tee-shirt!?!?! ####!


Heh - we were only there for 5 minutes, driving from Georgia to Dothan on 52, then south to Florida on 231.

What was your route to Dothan? That’s some old family stomping grounds. (How did you get to 52 in Georgia?)

52 is 62 once you’re in Georgia???
We took 19 down to Albany. Started out of Atlanta on I-75 but it was a dang parking lot.

Ah! That explains why you didn’t go through the places I figured you might.

Bet, you still saw a lot of kudzu.

Ugh kudzu… leafy green cancer of the landscape in the south.

We take I-59 to Birmingham then I-65 to Montgomery and pick up US-231 south all the way to Panama City when go to Panama City Beach on summer vacations. I dunno if we’ll go there this year or not. I’d like to try someplace new… We traveled a few of the same roads though Terje.


We went to Ft Wlaton Beach & Panama City Beach but the weather was crap. The Sunshine State my butt :laugh:

Quote (teryeah @ April 14 2007,16:40)
We went to Ft Wlaton Beach & Panama City Beach but the weather was crap. The Sunshine State my butt :laugh:

Been all over both... Weather? Yeah, wrong time of year. Spring in the south is always a surprise. Go back in late June or July for the best weather.


Sorry to say spring came very early this year in the south, like 1st of March, but lo and behold winter came back with a vengence 1st week in april. Actually been in upper 20’s here with frozen flowers and bushes to the point of really ugly, no, yoogly spring now! Every thing frost bitten, people with colds and flu again, dogs living with cats, devastating in biblical portions!

When Terje and I were in NC (Raleigh) a couple of weeks ago is was 86 one afternoon then 26 at night with snow flurries a few days later. Even though I’m originally from there, and have learned to expect almost anything in the spring, a swing like that in such short time only happens every 20 years or so. It was pretty strange, even for there. Some of the flowers were little brown burned blobs. I hope the farmers weren’t hit too bad.

I was soaking up rays, sweating and all, early on a friday afternoon weekend before last. Drove to G’ville later that day and that night had to wear long jeans, sweatshirts and jackets…spring in the south…


Greenvile, NC or SC? I spent almost all my life in Greenvile, NC…not that there’s anything wrong with Greenville SC, just didn’t live there. Had some great times down there, too.

sorry…i meant g’ville (gainesville, florida)


Close enough…I’ve played down there, too. :)