Back from vacation

So how is v5 doing?

Well, I am back from my month jaunt to Europe. Sorry I never made it by Flavio’s when I was in Rome. :;): So how is v5 behaving?

Hi Bubbagump:
V5 and build is 2163 is working pretty good on the set-up I have over here… It seems as though I still have v4.2.1 build ? 2099 still installed somewhere… I’m not sure if I should go looking for it and un-install it… At odd times and when I open a file that was created in build 2099, v4 opens and all… but when I press the “Play” button it just closes down and the windows desk re-appears… Is that a 'normal" condition? … anyone? If I un-install v4 will I open a “Can-of-Worms”? e.g. Plug-in folders or anything like that?

If I have v5… build 2163 opened and I go looking for an .sng file to load then that project will not interact with v4.2.1… all is O.K.

I don’t mind having v4 installed if it doesn’t interact with v5 builds and doesn’t hurt the DAW’s behaviour… It’s just that v4.2.1 doesn’t work anymore even when it opens… The timeline curser doesn’t scan on the timeline anymore…

I haven’t been tracking for so long… My mics are all put away…

I’ve been Editing and Re-Mastering old projects… and I’ve bought some hi-profile software to play with… I have some more software to get as the money comes available… all to use and work with n-Track… We’ll see…

It’s seldom that We… North Americans get to Play-and-Travel around the world… I hope you have some photos to share with us…

I think Flavio was worried you were gonna Knock on his door… ??? :laugh: I can hear him breathing… again… :p

Sorry Bubba and Flavio… I’m just jokeing… and being Smart…

I remember doing that one afternoon when I ended up in Clearwater, Florida… one January… We played on the same stage together… at one time… I surprised him… he couldn’t beleive I was there… We ended up talking Old-Times, and all…


Nah, Flavio was too far out for me to pester. Plus that would be just a bit stalker weird of me, now wouldn’t it? I spent most of my time in Rome in the city center and in a few small coastal towns to the north (Civitaveccia and Santa Marinella). To make you happy, here is a night shot of the Colliseum I took.

And here is a picture of a crappy snack cart at the top of the Spanish steps. You will never seen more tchotchke crap then you will find in Rome. Guys are as thick as flies selling crappy pannini and counterfit Gucci bags. It seems the Senagalese sell the counter fit bags. The Indonesians sell bad pannini and cheap camera tripods. I have to imagine with the previous two, there is an organized recruiting company for this in these countries being less than honest with what work these poor guys will be doing when they get off the plane. All these guys run like #### when the Guardia di Finanza is within a block or two. Gypsies have the racket on street corner accordion busking. Lastly, various actual Italians and hippies do the fake statue, I’ll move if you put a quarter in my jar routine.

And still off topic, what is the deal with Italian beer? You have Peroni, Nastro Azzurro and Moretti and everyone drinks Heinekin? Sup wit dat?

/end tangent

So any thoughts on v5?

Hi Bubbagump:
That’s nice resolution on those photos…

Rome is like any other busy city… Everyone hustles for a living… I’ve seen it in Boston, New York and San Fransisco, Tronto, and Halifax… Well… when it’s not too cold, here… a loonie-is-a-loonie, no matter where you live… (money… that is)

One place/country I’d like to go Hob-Knob’in would be, Switzerland…

v5.0 is taking hold… The “Strip Pan” feature is something I’m getting used to… I haven’t had any new tracks to edit so I haven’t used the “Scrub”. But the scrub guys must be using it… I don’t hear them talking about it…

It appears as though there’s a lot of v3 and v4 guys around… They should be into v5… and loading the latest builds as they are posted… Flavio has loaded a utility into v5 that creates a .dmp file upon failure… The file contains the information that caused the fault… When sent to Flavio, he can “FIX” the fault and apply the “FIX” to a new build … Failure…Fixed…

It appears there are a few things/features that he’ll be working on in the next version, as well…

I have “Tracker’s Block”… What’s it called? “In-Between Tracks”?? I’m hoping to get IT behind Me. No-Go… Yet… though… :O :O ??? Maybe… Tomorrow… :laugh:


That is an awesome Coliseum photo !

Quote (woxnerw @ Nov. 05 2006,13:33)
...Flavio has loaded a utility into v5 that creates a .dmp file upon failure.. The file contains the information that caused the fault.. When sent to Flavio, he can "FIX" the fault and apply the "FIX" to a new build .. Failure....Fixed..

It appears there are a few things/features that he'll be working on in the next version, as well..

Now this is a good reason to stay with n-Track (at least immediately after reading it)! I mean, considering all the issues had, more or less across the board, in this program... What a simple and reasonable, not to mention GOOD idea! Points on this, Flav!

Very cool.

V5 is coming along OK I guess… I am however, becoming a REAPER convert. It just friggin’ works. ALL the time… no crashes, no weirdness… it just works.


Reaper huh… I keep hearing that over and over. I played with it a bit and it felt klunky to work with. Not that it didn’t work, just the UI was hairy. Well, I suppose it is all about what you are used to. I have this irrational attachment to n-track as I really don’t want to learn a new DAW… but I have to logically ask myself how much time am I wasting on N that I could spend learning something new.

However, I saw that trouble reporting feature mentioned above and hope that will add stabilty quickly as Flavio does not have to count on users to give information that may or may not be accurate. However, this will only potentially make n-track stable, not efficient I wouldn’t think. Sigh, I have gotten over girl friends much easier than n-track.

I followed REAPER’s development quite closely and even made a few suggestions with regard to its working via the forum (I didn’t see any of them included but some could be achieved with workarounds). I still the find the UI a little unintuitive to use with lots of features lurking below the surface and not obvious. Saying that I haven’t really looked at it since it went “commercial”. It seems to be powerful but the workflow, and a few of the simple things I got used to in n-track, seemed harder, or at least, didn’t suit me. It does (or did) crash a few times with me.

Justin (the developer) is pretty prolific, but then he has the time and experience… Wikipedia on Justin Frankel

I’m sticking with n-track for the time being even though V5 hasn’t quite got stable yet for me.


There’s a lot of cool varied and inexpensive stuff around now, so n-Track’s stability issue is going to become costly, I think. I hope this new addition is going to work for Flavio (and n-Track users!).

Heh, I just loaded up Reaper and it runs like a champ on my Linux box with WINE. So far I have only tested playback on Linux, so I have no idea how well it works with audio hardware etc under Linux. I imagine playback is as good as I am going to get.

I hope V5 becomes rock solid too. I have a big soft spot for n-Track as well. However, I’m spending too much time tweaking and twiddling in n-Track to try to get what I want done. I have several packages to play around with, Cubase LE, Sonar LE, Samplitude LE, BIAB, PTPro… blah, blah… Currently, I’m spending a lot of time in BIAB, then exporting MIDI to PTPro for more MIDI tweakage and rendering. I then yank the rendered .wavs into REAPER for recording the “live” instruments and playing around with VSTi’s and such.

A sixteen channel audio test recording into REAPER worked like a charm too. I dunno… I like it. :)


After being an n-Track user for 5 years, I find it hard dumping it for another program. But I must admit Reaper looks tempting. Just downloaded and had a spin with it. Haven’t looked at all it features yet, but so far I don’t miss anything as compared to n-Track. Do like the n-Track user interface better though. Since n-Track has behaved quite good lately on my DAW, and actually allowed me to make some music without too much trouble …, I’ll stick with it for now. But there still are a few issues I’m not quite happy with. Perhaps I’ll bother you folks with it later… :)

I’m with Bubbagump. I’ve been using N since v1 and loved it in spite of its shortcomings, root for the little guy and all. But lately the workload has gotten more intensive with more plugins and vstis and such and N just isn’t cutting it anymore. Reaper on the other hand is now the little guy(1.7mb download as opposed to Ns 35mb) and it seems to work great. Routing that N can only dream about. A somewhat plain but stable gui (no trailers when you drag a mixer). You can grab files and move them or stretch them while the song is playing and there is no glitch it just does it. Grouping is a little harder but many more options are available. Any track is anything. The vsti implementation is much more graceful and… Wel I didn’t post here to praise Reaper but to lament N. I’ll probably keep trying N as I have already bought v5 and it does seem to be better and more stable than v4 but I’m really just using reaper now.
Oh and the jesusonic plugs (that only work in Reaper are fantastic). Oops I did it again.

Sigh, it still seems to crash all over. I have been sending dumps and scren shots to Flavio. I sort of have a personal mission now to do everything possible to break n-track to try to get it stable. I just pulled down the demos for Reaper, Sonar, Samplitude, and MTS and none of them I like as much as N other than for their stability.

Well, it seems this crash dump thing works. I sent a dump to Flavio and a day later he has a fix. I guess I just have to go back to trying to break v5 some more as these random screw ball problems look like they might just get worked out after all. :)

Hi Bubbagump:
I’m completing this '70’s Plastic Project… I worked some 8 hours yesterday, and today I’m close to 2 hours and trading files between three hard drives… and renaming the songs as I swap between drives… Most of the rendering stress from plugs has been completed… v5 and build 2164 has been working flawlessly with this ASUS CUSL2-c 1.2 mhz 512 meg. P-111 machine…

I feel ashamed that I’ve only recorded two tracks sense v5 has been installed… All of the work I’ve been doing is re-working old-and-already recorded tracks and projects… You might say… Living-in-the-Past…

I have a BAD case of “Tracker’s Block”. I’m not sure if I know how to get out of it… I wonder if there’s a pill I can take for that… ??? ? I’m going to the doc to get a flu shot to bolster my immune system… Maybe that’ll give me a jump… ?

Anyway, I have a couple of steps left to do on this project… before I write it to a Disk…


build 2169 is on it’s way down here… You know if you’re on a dial-up connection that becomes a big deal… Every thing is a big deal when you’re on a dial-up… I got this crank on the side of my phone… The brushes on the generator are worn out… i have to spit on the brushes to make enough voltage to call the operator to connect me to the server… :( ??? :laugh:

About Reaper… It is interesting how different multitrack software runs on different computer systems. Ntrack V5 is pretty stable on my system now. Out of curiosity I installed and tried Reaper and had four crashes in 15 minutes, just fiddling with plugins on the demo song. Not very encouraging.


Quote (tspringer @ Nov. 14 2006,21:32)
About Reaper... It is interesting how different multitrack software runs on different computer systems. Ntrack V5 is pretty stable on my system now. Out of curiosity I installed and tried Reaper and had four crashes in 15 minutes, just fiddling with plugins on the demo song. Not very encouraging.


That is strange... Reaper runs like a champ here. n-Track has not been crashing and burning lately but I continously have to freeze effects and set latency up as high as 100ms to get glitch free playback. The same song plays back perfectly in Reaper with latency set at 20ms. I haven't tried to go lower on this song. It might run lower...