back with ntrack but it wont work right

hi its tina i havent been here for a long while! i switched to reaper but have lateley gone back to ntrack to work on some old songs i did in ntrack.
everything i did in n all those years ago was on version 4 but my old computer died
As a band we had bought version 6 before we switched to reaper but we never used it so i installed that on my vista computer & opened up the old backed up songs
they play ok but the problem is
when i go & record new tracks on these old songs…i can record but when i try to play it back it crashes the computer!!

has anyone got the answer i would be very grateful to know what it is

tina m

Hi, Tina. What plug-ins are you using? Have you tried updating to the latest version 6?

hi tony the plugins are only the ones i used when we recorded the song 3 years ago… ntrack tempo delay/classic compresser/voxengo boogex…im just recording new tracks on the old song but when i hit playback it crashes ntrack

i dont know how to update to the latest version6 sarah the bass player bought it i dont have the details…but surely this version should work ok

Some suggestions:
Try disabling all the effects and see if it still crashes.
Start a temp project and record a track or two and see what happens.
If that works: instead of loading the songs start a new project and import the tracks one at a time and see if one of them is corrupted.
Uninstall N-track, clean the registry and reinstall. If you do not have the codes you can write Flavio for them. That way you could update to the newest version 6. I think there is alink on the download page somewhere.
You changed computers and Vista is not the best operating system to come down the pike. Do you have an XP you could try it on?

thanks for the link tony im downloading new version now

i tried disabling the plugins & it didnt make any difference
& i recorded something completeley new & that played back fine so its obviously when i mix old with new…butwhy would that happen?

There’s a link somewhere to download old versions. Perhaps you could grab a copy of V4 if you still have your codes (if not, I’m sure Flavio could help).

But then again, if it’s a missing or badly behaved plugin then that might not help.

hi mark
tony i used your link to download what i thought was the last version of n6 & it sorted everything out including other problems i hadnt even mentioned! brilliant except i cant hear anything now & its telling me ive got 10 days left & i need to buy it & i cant see anywhere to put the codes in ive got …these things are made by men for men arent they…they just dont like women

under the help menu is the Register the Program. Enter the coes there and it will work.

omg i sent sarah a email asking if she had the old reg codes… we havent talked since we had a big row in june & she went & bought version7 upgrade & sent me the codes!! ha she obviously feels guity! anyway it works like a treat which is brill!
so thanks for the ideas tony & mark

Smashin’! Can’t wait to hear some more of your stuff.

Glad you got it going. :) :) :)