Background Noise

Technical Support

Whenever I record there is buzzing in the background even when recording at a low level. There is no clipping on the record meter however. Any ideas what is going on?

Also, on my laptop, I set the record volume as low as possible and there is still clipping.

Hey Glenn, you’re going to have to give us more info. You’re talking about two systems, right?

What input devices are you using? Aftermarket sound cards, or built-in sound? Line inputs or mike inputs? What’s plugged into the inputs?

On your laptop, when you say “record volume”, are you talking about the “Recording Control” panel? Which input? What’s plugged into it? Any other details you think might be pertinent.

Glen, dont get frustrated and not return…these guys are asking great questions. They need to know this info to help you…

I cured 90% of my background noise by plugging in the computer (with n-track) and my PA (mixer) into the same 110 volt oulet. --all electrical power supplied by the same outlet.
…I know there are many other causes.

That about sums it up Ali. Good post. I especially like the part about “planet earth being one helluva capacitor!” :D :D


PS I wonder if somebody could calculate the capacitance of earth in Farads? ??? Well somtime if I get bored…nah. Too much work and it’d probably spark a political debate over the capacitance of political parties… Which in my view, BOTH of them in the USA are lacking in mental capacitance…

Your points are good, Ali, but ground loops wouldn’t account for the low recording levels. That should be cleared up first.

Regardless, it’s always best to avoid ground loops. For short runs I find that it doesn’t make any difference whether I run balanced or unbalanced. But I always eliminate the obvious candidates for ground loops, and I’d do that whether running balanced or not.