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remove it

how do i REMOVE all background sounds but not voice?

Are you talking about intermittent sounds (clicks, pops, hits on the microphone) or constant noise (hum, fan noise, etc)?

For clicks, pops etc, you can use the volume envelopes to silence the track when the vocal is resting. Or, if they are low enough level, a noise gate might help (but that might also clip the vocal some). Finally, you can use a waveform editor (I use Goldwave) to remove individual samples.

For hum, you can try a notch frequency filter in the parametric EQ. Vary the central frequency to see if the hum goes away without wrecking the vocal. For hiss a high-cut EQ filter may work. For broadband noise (like a fan) you are probably out of luck. Go back to silencing the noise when the vocal is resting.

Hope that helps…

well i mean like to where all i here on a song is vocals…

If you have recorded all tracks separately - and adequately acoustically isolated from each other if you recorded everything at once on several tracks - you open the mixer, and push Solo (the little “S” icon) on the tracks you want to hear.

If you recorded both vocals and instruments together on one or two tracks, it’s rather impossible to separate them again. This is what multitrack is for, really…

regards, Nils

Hi Gents:
I think what rockyman500 is attempting to do is, remove the band tracks from pre-recorded songs leaving just the vocal tracks… Sort of like the reverse of removing the vocal tracks from pre-recorded songs… Could that be what you are attempting?


How to do it: You go out and buy a karaoke CD or find a midi cover of the song on the internet…

('cause Computers aren’t the magic boxes you see in the movies and TV.)

(rockyman500 @ Jun. 28 2007,17:12)
how do i REMOVE all background sounds but not voice?

Pretty much the same way as you un-mix paint..... which is, of course, you can't.

(TimOBrien @ Jun. 29 2007,08:37)
('cause Computers aren't the magic boxes you see in the movies and TV.)

There's a great episode in 24 that makes me smile. Remember that in 24, CTC can hack into any system, anywhere in the world just by "opening a port"... this no doubt includes the Sinclair Spectrum in my loft.

Well in one episode in Season 6 they need to check some data on one of the CTC operative's computers without him knowing - but apparently it can't be done without sitting in front of the actual computer. So much for networks, and opening ports to my Sinclair Spectrum!

There are plugins and hardware that remove the vocals from the song but I’ve never seen anything that does the opposite.

Here’s a possible method but I doubt it will work all that well. Might be worth a try.

Google “remove vocals from song”. You will see several articles and products that purport to do that. If you can effectively remove the vocals then you could use n-Track to reverse the phase of the song that has the vocals, play it with the version without the vocals, and you might be left with mostly the vocal track. You could then mix down this whole mess and possibly have mostly the vocal track left over.

It’s probably a long shot but it’s the only possible way I can think of.

This won’t work, but if you can remove the vocals you can remove everything but the vocals. (I know I know…won’t work)

Use a vocal remover. Take the result of that and mix it back into the original track 180 degree phase shifted. Since that will in effect be canceling out everything except vocals all that should be left is the vocals.

Of course, vocal removers don’t work well and depend on the track being stereo in the first place. It’ll be in interesting experiment at best.

Anyway, that’s kind of a function of some noise removers. They can remove the noise, but some can remove everything except the noise. It’s interesting to do that to see what kind of junk is really in the background.

Phoo’s method is probably the best you can get, and will probably sortof work if

(1) the vocal is a solo and the the singer is dead center in the sound field. You are probably out of luck if there is more than one voice (e.g. harmony). The vocal remover works by phase shifting one channel by 180 degrees. The vocal won’ t cancel out unless almost exactly the same signal is going to both channels in the original recording.

(2) you can perfectly time align the phase flipped tracks (i.e. the ones with the vocal stripped out of it). If the time alignment of the the two files is off by even a few thousandths of a second, the high frequency components in the files wil not cancel, and you will hear a thin, distorted residual.


Even if you do everything exactly right, expect artifacts and distortion in the vocal, and you will probably still need to filter out some non-cancelling high frequency stuff that won’t cancell because of distortion. Interestring problem though, really made me think.


neener neener, phoo. My post landed first! :cool:

would anyone mind doing it for me?


neener neener, phoo. My post landed first!

Sure did…you get credit for sure!

I’m sure someone might give it a try, Rocky.

thats the file…if anyone could do it it would be great…

its a reversed song with a subliminal message i am trying to get…

it’s the P!ATD-but it’s better- song…

The file is mono, so no, the “karaoke” method cannot be used, nor can any other method.

But, the subliminal message sounds like: “Paul is the walrus; the walrus is dead”.

So don’t worry about it, it’s a very old message and probably still isn’t true. :D

where/when did you here that?

Where where whow do you download the file from that link? So far I get nothing or some unknown format file tries to play in windows media player by default. OR…When I tried to download it at home last night iexplorer hit a hard hang. After killing the process I got two messages that “somefile1.exe” and then "somefile2.exe"could not be saved - didn’t catch the actual filenames, but saving an exe? That REALLY sounded virus-like or spyware-like.
try that… look on the right where it says download