Backward compatability and changing settings

I have used n-track for many years

I have used n-track for many years, I think over 10 years. Along the way I have upgraded several times currently i have version 5, version 6, version 7 and version 7x64. I would like to clean this up but older recordinds will not open in newer versions. Hence,all my earlier work is gone if I delete the old versions. Am I missing something? Most upgrades are backward compatable to avoid this.
Problem 2 which perhaps is related is that my soundcard driver settings changed. Is this due to having to open old n-track versions?
So I had set up a recording session this morning with a drummer who drove an hour to get here. Knowing n-track was screwy yesterday I opened and double checked my sound levels varifying all was ready and set, convinced we wrere all ready and set, I shut down. Drummer arrived today and I opened n-track, my recording vu meters were unresponsive but we attemted to record anyway and all we got was a big fat solid brick, pure static. I could not find a problem and gave up after wating 45 minutes.
Now Im back in my home studio… turned on my gear and …, Its fixed !!! Apparently it needed a reboot? Can anyone shed any light on this ? … and thanks!!! I have only needed help a couple times in all these years, every time you have been responsive and helpfull. I'm hoping the same helpful attitude still exists!🙂

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The problem with the audio was mostly caused by an issue with the soundcard or its drivers.
What errors do you exactly get when loading old songs with the newer version of n-Track? Newer versions should always be able to load songs saved with previous verisons.


Thank you again Flavio😊 By simply telling me n-track is backward compatable, I have worked through all the errors messages and corrected my issues myself, they were mostly user errors. Years ago, I had incorrectly concluded the issue was new n-track versions do not open projects completed with older n-track versions. And thus never put forth effort into correcting something I believed was normal. All of my projects now open in my newest version which is 7 64 bit. Looking forward to upgrading to the latest.🤗
Long time user and fan,

I actually just began using N- Track for the first time today i was mostly! I just crossed that same exact issue,i began messing with the Audio settings my default was “MME: Windows Default Recording Device” and swithed it to “ASIO4ALL v2” , i had listed from previous Daw “fl studio” your hardware and sound drives play big roles on this app :handshake: … Im running an “ASUS” so im setting my buffering to the lowest possible settings, Im going to attempt to create a trap beat with 8
track rolling at 140 bpm without it slowing or skipping bars, Bout to find out tho…