Don’t you just hate it when you go back and listen to some old stuff you recorded and mixed (and released) and realise that you could do so much of a better job now.

Half the ntrack and audiominds forum people have the cd too, which makes it even worse. God, what must they think?

On the upside, I still love some of the riffs and grooves - and the energy in the recording is great too. Some of the songs are pretty ordinary, but… meh.


Wheaties rule.

Glad I’m not the only one that happens to…


It’s like an old loonie… It’ll never go away… It’s hammered-in stone…

I think they’re supposed to be called Works-in-Progress… It don’t get better… either… IT speeds up as you age…


My cure for that is to let phoo mix everything so I have someone to blame if I suddenly think some song sounds sucky :)

HA!!! And it works, too, terje.

Look at it this way, if you don’t think you could do better then you aren’t learning anything.

But I don’t think I can do better ???

I actually enjoy listening to my old stuff now and then.

However, I do sometimes have to remember how I was and what equipment I had when I did the recording/mixing. In this way I am often pleasantly surprised that I could do so much with such humble skills and equipment back then.

Whenever I think that a particular song could be done better, I just go ahead and do it again. Simple as that… :D

regards, Nils

I’m pretty certain mine comes down to the lack of skills, possibly following “do this, do this” mix sheets, and not really doing that properly (listening).

I prefer to think of songs as a “snapshot”.

Sure if you listen back to them later you will hear things you would have done differently in both the composition and production, but the aim should be to get it to a stage where you think "OK. That’s done"
You then move onto the next one.

If you would redo differently a few days or even weeks later, then you are probably still in the mixing/remixing cycle.

But once it’s locked in then that is a snapshot of where you were, how you were feeling, what stage you were at etc. at a particular point in time.

Ya know… We are our own worst Critquets… I can’t spell either… :O :p :laugh:

We’re in trouble, if we don’t hear what the difference between Mixes over Time does to what we hear…


Seems my stuff thru the years was, well if the playing was real good the mix sucked. If the mix was real good my playing sucked.

But then again my playing sucks most of the time. :D

Ok… another way to look at it is …

if you look back at what you did a couple of years ago and think it’s perfect and you wouldn’t do anythihng different that probably means you haven’t grown or learnt anything in that period of time…

Which would you prefer…?????

Ahhhhhhh, very, very good point.