balanced connectors? need a reminder

For one reason and another, I ended-up with very few cables. I need a couple of balanced xlr to trs. I’ve got a roll of decent cable and loads of bits. TRS: the tip is hot, the middle is return and the body is screen-yes?


Everybody doing audio wiring needs this… LINKY-POO


Cheers, Diog. So I can assume that all modern hardware will be ‘as’ correct?

On proper balanced cables, there is no HOT and RETURN.

Tip and Ring are your signal connections, and the body is screen.


Cheers, Diog. So I can assume that all modern hardware will be ‘as’ correct?

Except, remember that some TRS to TRS cables are actually intended to be insert cables. So they’re not balanced at all; instead they have SEND and RETURN on the same cable, and some of them are cross-wired.

So make sure you know the difference.

Wow! Diog. Thanks, dude. That is one seriously fantastic page. It is, without doubt, the best manual I have ever read and the author deserves a medal. And so do you for posting it.

Pin this diagram!!!

Cheers, EZ.

The entire resource section at is worth spending some time reading over…


That went directly to my bookmarks, nice!

I’ve tried that XLR-TRS cable thing. Found how to connect the cables in the Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook, LOTS of stuff in that one. Cant say I anything but skimmed it.

…cant solder worth damn, that mic cable was really ugly work.

Hi, IT. I’ve delved a bit deeper. My set-up is small and after searching diagrams and taking the back off a few units, there are discrepencies. Soldering is good. Practice :laugh:

Practice works for most things.