Ballade de la tristesse

New song - initial stages

Hey everyone, :whistle:

I’ve got a new song in the works that I need some help with, and some feedback. I’m working with some instruments and a feeling in a song that I’m not super experienced with, (namely: accordian) and I’d like some feedback on how I’m doing mixing this so far. I have been working on the lyrics for the last two months or so, but nothing seems to stick yet, so for now you have music.

Please let me know what you think, and any feedback you have on how I could improve it.


Song: Ballade de la tristesse
Link: Ballade de la tristesse


Hey, that piano in the beginning is cool.

I can’t hear the according very well when it comes in at 1 minute or so. Actually, seems a little low all the way through.

That is cool. A hint of Kurt Weill in there. Will it have vox when all is said and done?

of course :) Would I ever release a song without singing?! I need to finish writing the words though… I need help getting the accordion to be more present in the song without having it be overpowering… that’s my biggest problem right now…

When I have parts like that I sometimes make a rough mix with it intentionally too loud… yesy you can fool your ears - I can anyway. I listen to it over and over with it irritating me then when I make my next mix or lay down another part I find it seems to be in a better place - down from annoying to part of the whole. When my brain says - “Oh yea that’s much better” it’s usually a less drastic ‘fix’ than if I’d leveled it when I was fighting it. Works for me anyway.

Hi Brian,

I think the accordian mix is fine, although when the real drums kick in the snare sounds loud (at least to me).

You know what’s weird? When the song started I thought “Cool, it’s kinda waltzy 3/4 time”. Then once the piano melody kicks in the time signature is clearly 4/4 - I love that - wasn’t expecting it!

Gondola ride anybody?


For me, the Accordion is definitely lost in the mix a little. The rest is superb, nice feel and the Piano melody is great.

Very nice composition Brian! :agree:

I’m an old hard rocker and my ears are almost blown out, but to me the piano sounds like it was miked too close, almost like the it is “overmodulating”. It sounds like it could be cleaner. Again, I’m no expert in piano recording and I am deaf in certain high frequencies, but that’s my take. And I agree with the others in advising to crank up the accordion a bit.