quick loops

if you have ever tried to make a loop up fron single HITS then you will have found it most tedious - and how do you get the BPM correct ? -

FIRST BPM - click on the GRID icon on toolbar - set grid (EDIT/GRID/grid properties) - to BEAT to start with and SNAP TO GRID IS ON - insert your HIT and see how it sits against the grid, adjust grid size to get it as nearer a fit as poss - if the end of the hit lines up exactly with the grid lines then look at the display next to METER display this will tell you the BPM of the hit - if the hit does not fit to the grid use the up/down arrows on side of BPM display to set grid to end of hit - read off new BPM -

now lets say that the hit is set at 110 BPM and you want to alter it to 120 BPM just do this - adjust BPM as above till display says 120, hit will overlap grid, now using the little handle at the right of the hit and pull hit back till it fits exactly to the grid line - now hit is set to 120 BPM - now look to the right of the TRANSPOSE BOX and click on the large grey button and select LOCK PITCH -

SECONDLY- highlight hit and then COPY it - now for the timesaver - hold down the SHIFT KEY then press CTRL and V at the same time - this will repeat paste your hit on the same track for as long as the above key combo is in action - if youve done it correct each pasted hit will fit wxactly in the grid -

you can also alter the BPM of a hit by opening the tracks properties panel - at the bottom you will see a double headed arrow, underneath the arrow are smaller arrows, use the outside ones to change BPM up or down -

with a bit of practice you will be banging in the beats in double quick time -

Dr J