for EZ

Here is a banks_default.txt that I made for EZ users
This will show the EZ instruments on the piano roll
Also got rid of all the Roland and Yamaha junk
Remember - right click on piano roll and select DFH from the
’Note names sets’
Save and/or rename your original banks_default.txt (in the n-track folder) and replace with this:


the EZX Latin Percussion is now in there


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Hey seven goin for the fences!
:agree: Shouldn’t that be .rare ? Or .mediumrare?

Sorry - it’s there now

Quote: (Levi @ Jul. 28 2009, 1:04 PM)

Hey seven goin for the fences!
:agree: Shouldn't that be .rare ? Or .mediumrare?


.welldone? :D