Baptism pics...

Rob n Ange 05/09

Our Baptism pics :love:

if you’d like to listen to the baptism…
Baptism recording :love:

(the songs are not recorded very well but the testimonies have come out well, they start at about the half way point…)

How God must have smiled at all his plans set out for me,
As I called him from the very depths of emptiness and need.
I fell in understanding of true pain there on my knees,
I pleaded for forgiveness, that I would be set free.
I prayed that one day brokenness be taken from my life,
opening my heart I surrendered my hard fight.
I boxed up every moment, every memory of mine,
and tied them with a ribbon, each containing gifts of time.
I held them to the heavens, Jesus took them to his cross,
and handed back receipts to prove of payment for all costs.
Right then God must have found his smile to strong to have concealed,
for it was on that day that all his plans for me revealed.
only then as I had felt true pain could I feel true happiness,
through brokenness-feel healing and through deceit know how to trust,
Through emptiness I’d recognise a life that’s full and just,
and only through the lord himself could I ever know true love.
And so he gave me all these things and as he placed them in my hand,
It occurred to me that only now did I truly understand.
That each receipt he’d given me were gifts of knowledge shared,
and so it was he smiled on me, no longer was I scared.
I shout it from the rooftops and proclaim with all my might,
father I give you all I am, and trust your plans for life.


I hear you…
Thank you for sharing this…