Barefoot Brothers Video: Reaper Never Fails

This is an old song, released on a Barefoot Brothers album Rehab Convention recorded with N-track by me. Released in 2005.

But that’s beside the point. Now there’s a on tour video available, done with a small pocket camera that takes little video clips.

Youtube: Reaper Never Fails

Gritty and cool. The one bit of color toward the end is a good idea.

Oh yes, the red flickering acrylic Flying V. I hadn’t noticed that earlier.

That was the best few minutes of me day. Nice one, varakeef. The track is class and the lo-fi vid is very cool. The whole thing works.

Well… they got one thing right; Reaper indeed never fails. :O

What a happy little ditty :p

seriously though, the song is really good and the vid had me mesmorized :agree:

No pun intended, was there even software called reaper in 2005.