new genre

i defy discription,
thats my grandaughter on background vocals,
acid country maybe?putfile/wozzy55

Totally insane and deliciously fun!

Ha ha. Brilliant, clever, although (#change to serious tone of voice here#) “the harmonies at 2:18 might need blah blah blah and compression blah blah eq to 50hz etc…” - just kidding.

I like it!

Nice guitar playing - you playing it?


my grandaughter Ally and I are the only contributors to that recording,she does vocals of course and i played my strats and a 5 string bass,percussions are from my farfisa keyboard,the “tavern vocals” that were mixed in just seemed to fit the mood,this song is an old original tune that we have done around here for many a year,ya could say its a cult classic maybe,its my very first post and thanks for giving it a listen,im glad ya enjoyed it man.