basic burning

cd properties


moronally I don’t know what the best setup is for burning a CD

what should the sampling and bit rate be…

generally I want to make CDs from MP3s that I can also play in Itunes…

just the facts…


For standard audio cd’s your have to go 16 bit, 44.1 sample. That is standard for red book format.

Your software should convert the sample rate during burn down from MP3 or WAV if you are selecting something such as " create audio cd".

Your MP3 is more than likely 16 bit unless you have a 24 bit sound card. Otherwise your card is 16 bit and all your mp3’s and wav’s are as well. Inasmuch, there is no need to convert bit depth. You would know if you had a 24 bit card as I asume you would have to have selected it specifically.