Basic Newbie question


I’ve used ntrack in the past and just recently purchased again.

I have a simple problem but can’t seem to solve it. When I download the program, the record area loads up with a demo song electric guitar and drums. I delete those tracks and all tracks seem to gone, ie no visible tracks, but I keep getting the drum track. How do I delete that?


I think there is an option in Preferences (Ctrl+P) to enable/disable “Load last project on startup”. Disable that and shutdown/restart n-Track. You should get a nice clean, EMPTY workspace… I think… It’s been a while…


Thanks for the reply D. I bet you that works too. I’ll try it when I get home.


there’s also the click on a new project icon, upper left corner, that will clear things out. If you are hearing drums with no tracks, then the ntrack drums is probably playing a loop inside the plugin itself. if this is the case you can use the mixer to open ntrack drums. the go to the step tab and turn off the on/off switch on the lower right hand corner of ntrack drums.

Ok thanks…its fine now. There is a lot of things I am not using, it should be enjoyable figuing it all out. I make simple recordings of my musical Ideas only so I’m good to go now…thnks for the direction.