Basic question from a newbie

I’m wanting to record basic demo-level songs on a portable platform. I’ll be using an electric guitar and bass. I have a Boss ME-80 guitar effects processor (with amp models and effects). It has a USB output. I am using a Galaxy Note20 for the recording device. Can I feed the USB out of the ME-80 into my phone (as a plug-in for n-Track) and use headphones connected to the ME-80 to monitor what I’m playing?

You can theoretically do that, but on Android compatibility with USB devices is not 100% so it might work or not. Check out this page in the use guide:


Thank you. One more question: when I want to record more than one track, I’ll want to hear playback of the first track as I play over it. Will the audio from the previous track(s) come out of the phone’s speaker, or will I not be able to get that playback? I’m not sure the Boss ME-80 will return audio from the phone so I can hear it through the headphones as I record the next track.