Basic questions about setting levels for recording


Is there a way to get numbers (like -6, -12, etc) displayed next to the meters? At the moment, all I see are little lines.

Also, when recording and setting levels with NTrack, where should the signal be averaging? I use both RMS and peak meters (but not at the same time).

I record in both 16bit and 24 bit, depending on what I’m recording.


downloading new beta now - will check on it for you ASAP - I honestly don’t know.

Yes it’s possible.


Click on the meter icon in toolbar and go from there as illustrated. I could not get the smaller meter to give detail only the toolbar one - it’s scalable and the main master one can be cleared.
Hope that helps you out.

Neat, Poppa! Thanks.

And where do you, personally, average when recording?


about 5’ 11" - sitting down about 4’ 6"

All yellow no red each track is dif though - average -6 is norm.