Basic questions, just started using N-track

I’ve never used a program like this, so sorry if these questions seem silly.

First, when I am recording a track, it creates 2 .wav files, one for the right speaker and one for the left. How do I make it so I can record a single .wav file?

Second, when I am recording instruments at lower volumes, which I am unfortunately forced into doing, I’m getting quite a bit of static in the recording. Any ideas or tips on how to minimize this?

Thanks for helping me out.


To record a mono track, you need find your recording vu-meter. If this is not already visible, make it so thourhg the view menu. Click the ‘settings’ icon on the vu-meter and set the record format to mono.

WRT your static, this is a side effect of the gain that you are adding to the input to get it to an audible level - unfortunately you also amplify all the crap, noise, clicks etc… The only way around this is to record at a higher volume. If that is really not possible, then you need to improve the quality of the input path (cables, mic, preamp etc)

Hope that provides some help


What do you have for a soundcard? Post your set-up. That would help for pinning it down more specifically.

But generally, yep, your signal going in wants to be hot enough to make any ingoing noise insignificant. There is always a level of noise, you just want to not be able to hear it.

Make sure you are recording in the LINE input and not the MIC input. Use a device to create a LINE level such as a MIXER or a PRE-AMP.

Dave T2

I don’t know if you’re miking your instruments, but if you can’t make huge noises because of neighbors, or whatever, just plug them into the line in (w/ DI for guitar and bass, etc) and record as hot as you can with headphones.
Yet, I don’t know what your set up is.